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Unspoken: A Guide to Cracking the Hidden Corporate Code

Dr. Ella F. Washington, organizational psychologist and CEO of Ellavate Solutions, addresses workplace challenges in “Unspoken: A Guide to Cracking the Hidden Corporate Code.” Offering practical advice and real-life stories, the book equips professionals with strategies to navigate corporate settings authentically, empowering them to succeed while staying true to themselves.

Skills to Navigate Your Workplace and Tactics to Help You Thrive

Have you ever looked around your workplace and asked yourself, What about me?

You aren’t alone. Even though it can seem that way in workplaces that are uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and make you feel like you’re the “only one.” That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice where others don’t.


With exacting insights about the unwritten rules that make these spaces run, The Corporate Cheat Code offers practical, actionable tactics you can use to thrive in corporate environments, develop leadership skills, and achieve career goals—without doubt or compromise.

Owning your story and your strengths. Showing up as authentically you. Negotiating strategies for getting what you want from a position of power.  Expanding your influence. 

These are just some of the big-picture topics Dr. Washington zooms in on to help you build your capacity to move forward more confidently and shape a more meaningful and rewarding career.

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