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Instructor Copies

We are happy to provide instructors with an e-book or print copy for course use or consideration. Many books are available in e-book form and we encourage requests for e-books (check this book’s available formats below). 

You will receive an e-book quickly and it is free. During our working hours, you can be reading the book in minutes. A link to download the book will be sent by e-mail. Instructor copy requests are approved and fulfilled within three working days.


Outside of the United States and Canada, our policy is to always supply the e-book, when available, for course adoption examination requests.

Important: In the form below, an asterisk (*) denotes a required field. Please note that you must provide a URL that verifies your academic affiliation at your institution. Please provide a link to your faculty page, department page, or other page that shows your connection to your institution.

Text Information

Book Title: The Unspoken: Cracking the Hidden Corporate Code

Author: Ella F. Washington

Not Yet Published Formats:



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