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Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion by Ella F. Washington

Originally posted on Harvard Business Review

Hosted by Julie Devoll

Featuring Dr. Ella F. Washington, an organizational psychologist, strengths coach, and author of The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

Complimentary HBR Webinar

Tuesday, November 8, 12:00 pm ET

“What does a workplace utopia look like to you?”

This is the question Ella F. Washington of Georgetown University asks company leaders, and often she hears about an ideal vision of an organization that values diversity and inclusion and wants employees to bring their whole selves to work.

But how can you get there? Organizations have largely missed the mark when it comes to creating environments where all employees thrive in an equal and equitable way, because they treat diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a program that gets done rather than the necessary and difficult journey it is. On November 8, 2022, Washington lead a live, interactive HBR webinar focused on how organizations can make real progress on equity and inclusion. Based on her years of experience as a DEI leader in multiple industries, Washington discussed:

  • The requirements for a truly inclusive workplace

  • A framework for determining where your organization is on its journey

  • Real-world stories of companies that have made that necessary journey

Progress is hard-won on the necessary journey to becoming an inclusive organization, but it must be won. John Lewis said it best: “You see something you want to get done, you cannot give up, and you cannot give in.”

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