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What does a workplace utopia
look like to you?

This is the question Dr. Ella F. Washington asks companies, and often she hears about an ideal vision of an organization that values diversity and inclusion and wants employees to bring their whole selves to work.


Many organizations desire this ideal vision and know that it's a journey to get there—but still don't know what's required to make the journey. Organizations have largely missed the mark when it comes to creating environments where all employees thrive in an equal and equitable way, because they treat diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a program that gets done rather than the necessary and difficult journey it is. A truly inclusive workplace requires invention and reinvention, mistakes and humility, adaptation to a changing world, constant self-reflection, and sometimes significant sacrifice.

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Dr. Ella F. Washington is an organizational psychologist and DEI expert with a wealth of experience through her involvement as the Founder and CEO of Ellavate Solutions, a Professor of Practice at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, and the Co-host of Gallup's Center of Black Voices Cultural Competence Podcast and her first solo book published by the Harvard Business Review Press titled "The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion". Within all of these roles, Dr. Washington continues to deepen her research pipeline and thought leadership as a Gallup Senior Scientist studying race, strengths and other DEI workplace topics. Dr. Washington has global consulting experience in the human capital space which has allowed her to impact clients across a myriad of industries including financial services, sports & entertainment, oil & gas, higher education and government. Previously, Dr. Washington worked at Gallup and led the Diversity and Inclusion practice where she provided insight to clients on issues of inclusion, culture, strategic diversity and engagement.

I hope to lead the change with your help!

It is my goal to be able to not only be a representation of a Black woman on this list, but to do so with a diversity, equity, and inclusion based book would be even more impactful. To accomplish this goal, I would love your support. Some ways that have been helpful in the past have included some but not all of the following:

Intimate Book Signings & Events

I’d love to come to you virtually or in-person (schedule permitting) to connect with your audience to share more about the book and an opportunity for participants to receive signed copies.

Engaging Keynote Speaking Engagements

I am an experienced speaker and can creatively showcase some key highlights of this book for your audience in an engagement event.

Interactive Panel Discussions & Facilitation

I am a professional facilitator and have participated in numerous panel discussions to provide my expertise and insights.

Enlightening Podcast & Media Interviewing 

I am the host of Gallup's host of Gallup's Center of Black Voices Cultural Competence Podcast, where I invite thought-provoking guests, and I am happy to join other podcasts as well.


1835 7th St NW, #143

Washington, DC 20001

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